How can you protect yourself against cyber risks?

Prevention is always better than cure. Companies can limit their risks by taking administrative, physical and technical precautions within their company. In addition, it is advisable to call in expert help in the event of an incident and to be covered against the financial consequences.

In addition to insurance cover and the alarm service, our Cyber ​​insurance policies also offer system scans (on request).

The results of these scans are not shared with us or the insurer(s) and are therefore not part of the acceptance process, unless this has been agreed in advance.

When taking out a Hienfeld Cyber ​​Insurance, we offer insured parties a number of services. The aim is to provide policyholders with more insight into cyber risks and to increase their resilience in this area.

Access to Privacy Zeker Start portal
Privacy Zeker is the expert for SMEs in the field of privacy legislation (GDPR). Insured persons of the Hienfeld Cyber ​​Insurance receive free access to the Privacy Zeker Start environment. Data breaches can be registered here. The insured is also assisted in reporting a data breach. In addition, Privacy Zeker carries out a privacy check to see whether the organization is GDPR-proof.

IntegriPro supports organizations in improving cyber resilience. Together with Hienfeld, IntegriPro has developed a scan for policyholders of the Hienfeld Cyber ​​Insurance. This scan focuses on technical and organizational measures. Privacy legislation and incident and risk management are central. The insured receives the results by email. Based on these results, IntegriPro advises how the insured can increase the cyber resilience of the organization.

Free legal advice is offered when taking out Hiscox Cyber ​​Insurance. ICTRecht hereby draws up a custom processing agreement for you. Would you like more information or request your processing agreement directly? Please contact us by e-mail at

In addition, a free security scan for cyber risks is available. This is performed by the companies SecureMe2 and RedSocks Security. Their scans provide insight into the current status of the effectiveness of your security measures. They also help you to increase your digital security and greatly reduce the chance of damage after cybercrime.

    Choose the SecureMe2 scan if you have an annual turnover of up to 10 million euros.

    Choose the scan of RedSocks Security if you have an annual turnover higher than 10 million euros.

When taking out Chubb Cyber ​​Insurance, two scans are offered that help to gain insight into your current cyber risks:

1. Organizational scan

To form a strong front against cyber risks, it is important to find the right balance between technical measures (often software-based) and organizational measures: human actions. The organizational scan mainly focuses on having policies, procedures, training for employees, etc. The cyber risk analysis of International Security Partners (ISP) gives you insight into your specific cyber risks and what you can do to reduce them.

2. Technological scan

A technology scan offers you insight into the security of your IT environment. By identifying risks and vulnerabilities at an early stage, you can tackle them in a timely manner and take your IT security to the next level. This scan is provided by SQNetworks. Chubb will assess together with this party which service is best for the insured.

Consultation with one of our underwriters?

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