Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a family business that focuses on continuity, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a matter of course.



    As a financial service provider, we are supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

    We are and remain aware of applicable laws and regulations and social developments and ensure that our relationships and activities are in accordance with them in a sensible manner.

    Our employees take the professional oath or promise. In this they declare that they perform their function in good faith and that they put the interests of the customer first.

    We provide honest and clear information to customers.

    A Complaints Procedure is in place to handle customer complaints.

    As a participant in the Bergwijkpark Diemen Working Group, we are actively involved in a safe working environment and neighborhood.

    By, among others, through sponsorship and donations to charities and sporting purposes we are involved in the society in which we operate.


    Our office building complies with Energy Label A for offices.

    We send mail digitally, as much as possible.

    Our fleet consists largely of electric cars, which reduces CO₂ emissions.

    We encourage our employees to travel by public transport.

    There are charging stations for electric cars in our parking lot, to be used by both visitors and employees.

    All employees can work from home.


    Our employee policy is aimed at giving our employees opportunities to develop, in line with their needs and those of our organization.

    Within our company we treat each other with respect: we do not tolerate bullying, discrimination, intimidation, and other undesirable behavior. Employees can contact the confidential adviser if they have unfortunately been confronted with this.

    Safety and health in the workplace and good working conditions are part of our company.

    We have a healthy working environment and contribute to the well-being and sustainable health of our employees through various vitality programs.

With corporate social responsibility we like to contribute to a beautiful and healthy future for everyone.