Sedgwick is the world's largest provider of claims management services. As a market leader, we provide leading expertise services and handle the settlement of claims, supported by the latest technological developments. Unburdening small and medium-sized businesses is our main focus.

What is our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

We provide our expertise when it's most needed, where it's needed. We provide 24-hour crisis coordination around an incident.

EYE Security protects small and medium-sized enterprises against cyber threats. Our specialists come from intelligence agencies and commercial organisations. We understand the threat landscape and the challenges entrepreneurs face when combating cybercrime.

What is our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

Our Cyber Security Experts are at your service day and night. They act in the event of cyber incidents, such as ransomware and data breaches, to limit the damage and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Bex*communications is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of crisis communication. We advise on more than 90 crises per year in virtually all sectors of industry. We have extensive experience with various incidents, such as leaks of confidential data and cybercrime.

What's our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

We provide 24-hour crisis communication around an incident, from drafting strategic advice to writing a press release.

Privacy Zeker is the expert for SMEs in the field of privacy legislation (AVG). By combining legal knowledge, a smart tool and a helpdesk, we help SME entrepreneurs and freelancers to comply with the privacy legislation.

What is our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

We offer policyholders of the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance free access to the Privacy Zeker Start environment. Here, you can register data breaches and get assistance in reporting a data breach. We also carry out a privacy check to see whether your organisation is AVG-proof.

WIJ advocaten is the insurance and liability law specialist in the Netherlands. The approach of WIJ advocaten is personal, transparent and pragmatic. Together with you, WIJ will always look for the best solution.

What is our role in the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

WIJ advocaten assists in the legal process of a claim following an incident.

Hunter Legal specialises in and has years of experience with privacy law. Core values are: providing practical and hands-on advice.

What is our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

Hunter Legal assists you in the legal process in the event of a data breach. From legal advice to a possible procedure.

ICTRecht is the full-service legal advice bureau specialized in internet, ICT security and privacy law. With over 75 experts in the field of ICT and internet law, we have become the authority in our field.

What is our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

ICTRecht gives you legal advice on data leaks and privacy regulations in the event of an incident.

Northwave is an ICT security specialist that has focused on cyber incidents since its inception in 2006. We help our clients with an integral approach, from risk analysis to concrete measures. We have all the specialists in-house.

What's our role with the Hienfeld Cyber Insurance?

For Hienfeld Cyber Insurance policyholders with a premium from €2,000, we identify the cyber risks of the organisation and jointly draw up a response plan.