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Loss of Money

Loss of Money

Insuring damage to or loss of money and/or papers of monetary value when these are lost or damaged by, among other things, fire, fire extinguishing, lightning strike, explosion, robbery, a falling aircraft, or theft during stay at the insured's establishment, but also during transport.

Also consider the residence of the money and/or papers values in the home, hotel or guest house, bank or in the deposit of a money transport company

  • Interesting premium discount at two or more branches

  • GeldGeld

    A deductible only applies to ‘counterfeit money’ cover

Vals geld - Hienfeld Geld Verzekering

Counterfeit money

Damage as a result of taking money, which later turns out to be counterfeit, can also be insured

Voor wie - Hienfeld Geld verzekering

For whom?

Money loss insurance is suitable for almost all companies, institutions, associations and foundations. With the exception of banks or equivalent financial institutions.


Consult your insurance broker or intermediary, or one of our underwriters.


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