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Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap & Ransom

The K&R insurance provides cover for the costs that may arise in connection with kidnapping, blackmail, and illegal deprivation of liberty in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Exclusive partnership with Control Risks

  • one of the world’s most experienced and foremost crisis consultant

  • experience with more than 2,600 kidnapping and extortion cases

  • in more than 10 countries
Voor wie

For whom?

  • Companies whose employees travel to risk countries or stay abroad for a longer time, and for companies with offices or subsidiaries abroad.

  • Companies that run an increased risk of extortion or blackmail due to their business nature (e.g., through product extortion, cyber extortion, or blackmail related to company or private secrets).

  • Private individuals who, because of their reputation or assets, could be the target of criminals.


Consult your insurance broker or intermediary, or one of our underwriters.


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